2 Women Killed Outside Mount Sinai Hospital In Drive-by

2 Women Killed Outside Mount Sinai Hospital In Drive-by


According to police and witnesses, a man was shot earlier in the day and rushed to Mount Sinai Hospital where a crowd of people were waiting to hear news of the victim before becoming victims of a drive-by shooting themselves.

The Incident

Amanda Morris, the 25-year old man’s aunt, said he after he was shot and taken to the hospital, a crowd of people were gathered outside after hospital staff refused to let them inside. She also said that it was common to deny relatives of gunshot victims entry to the private trauma center.

While Amanda’s nephew was inside and being taken care of, a car pulled up to the crowd and began firing at them, hitting two women in the lower body region. According to police, the victims were being treated at the hospital and the condition of both women was unknown.

Nothing Said

Police said that the assailants pulled up to the crowd in a dark-colored vehicle and according to a witness that chose to remain anonymous, three men inside the vehicle were wearing masks.

Amanda Morris said “Nothing but gunfire,” and “They just pulled up and started shooting.”, speaking about how the shooters didn’t say a word and just opened fire on everyone standing outside the hospital building.

After the hospital was put on lockdown for safety precautions, Morris also said: “We are still standing outside the hospital waiting to find out what’s going on with our families and loved ones.” Other witnesses and bystanders commented on the shooting with one witness waiting for his cousin at the hospital counting at least 15 gunshots and police placing at least 22 evidence markers around the crime scene. Many cars in front of the hospital were damaged, soaking up most of the gunfire while the crowd waited outside.