Harvey Weinstein Turns Himself Over To NY Police

Harvey Weinstein Turns Himself Over To NY Police


Harvey Weinstein, notorious Hollywood figure, has turned himself over to New York police and will face charges concerning the sexual harassment accusations made against him.


Harvey Weinstein has been accused of countless acts of sexual harassment and misconduct, ranging from sexual assault, rape and many others by dozens of female victims. While the charges made against Weinstein have yet to be announced, this would mark the first time in which the infamous Hollywood magnate has come forward and been charged. Harvey Weinstein has always denied any accusations made against him.

After many of Weinstein’s victims came forward and made the accusations against him, the #MeToo movement began, shedding more light on the countless acts of sexual harassment and abuse happening across the world. Appearing at the police station, reporters were already on standby when Weinstein arrived and made his way in.


A grand jury in Manhattan will be delivering the charges against Weinstein, although no official charges have been made and the indictment details will depend on Cyrus Vance, the district attorney. Lucia Evans, one of the women that accused Weinstein of sexual abuse is thought to be among the charges made against him after the accusations she made.

Countless women came forward with accusations of sexual abuse, rape and more against him, among them were iconic Hollywood actresses such as Cara Delevingne, Angelina Jolie, and others like Ambra Battilana, the Italian Model. Ashley Judd has also sued Harvey Weinstein, claiming that after the rejections of many unwanted sexual advances and abuse, he had destroyed her Hollywood career.

Many have condemned Harvey Weinstein after the mountains of accusations against him. His career has taken a downfall, especially after the Weinstein Company, Harvey Weinstein’s production firm cut ties with him and announced bankruptcy shortly after. He was also let go by officials at the Oscars.